It all began in New York from a summer project called, Beauty Blueprint: 5 Components™, which included, beauty & skincare, fashion, physique, sensuality, and inner goddess. Sensuality became one of the popular choices among women. I coached some of these women about being intuned and the more conversations I’ve had, the more I learned. I became a student of sensuality and decided to travel to Hawaii to study sensual floral essences. When I returned, there was a high request of herbs and body oils that would make them feel sexy; hence, The Hawaiian Sensual Beauty Collection of Nuré Spa was born!

The very first product of the collection was Pleasure Potion, an aphrodisiac tea that was a huge hit! I decided to create an experience around the beverage by adding bath and beauty spa products. These products are natural and organic which helps renew the skin – from body scrub, gently washing the away the dead skin cells; silky body oil, providing the skin with extra moisture; hydra-silk body lotion and the top sea ingredients; luxury bubble bath which is a gentle cleanser and face masque which keeps the skin youthful. The products in the Nuré line are either aphrodisiac infused or consist of essential oils and perfume oils. All of these products play a central role in helping the client feel soft, silky and sensual, inside and out. She can use them all in one bath or one at a time. All of the products compliment each other in some way.

Women of all ages want to feel beautiful and desired. Some women use this gift set after a significant life change that is a cause for a celebration, such as marriages or any other momentous occasion. Some women need a sense of renewal after feeling depleted from a life-altering change, such as a breakup or a surgery. She may spend some alone time with the bath products or enjoy it with her lover. Either way, she benefits from it, and this gift set achieves that idea.


About the product:
The most often asked question is, “do you make the product?” The answer is no. I work with a highly specialized team based in California that creates high quality, natural and organic lotions, scrubs, oils, etc. I scent the product using high-quality perfume oils and package the product as well. I’ve spent a lot of time in the tropics, so it’s enjoyable to pick island scents and packaging based on the personality of the product. Here is a full list of ingredients.

The Hawaiian Sensual Collection comes in a signature white gift box that includes a pretty bow or flower on top. The inside is colorful with flower petals or any flower piece that would remind you of the tropics. Some of the boxes are handpainted by shoe designer, John Ashford.